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Empty Fuel Tank

Empty Fuel Tank is a tool used on an Oil Rig or a Fractional Distiller. It can hold either Crude Oil or Kerosene.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Wrought Iron Progression:
Hitting a Hot Wrought Iron on Flat Rock with
a Smithing Hammer will make:

Fire a piece of Wrought Iron at a Firing Forge using Wooden Tongs. Set on a Flat Rock and hit three times with a Smithing Hammer. After 10 seconds it can be removed from the rock.

Using[edit | edit source]

Crude Oil[edit | edit source]

Tank of Crude Oil

Crude Oil is a substance obtained from an Oil Rig. It can be processed with a Fractional Distiller to obtain Kerosene.

Kerosene[edit | edit source]

Tank of Kerosene

Kerosene is a substance used to fire Kerosene Newcomen Pump and machines which use a Diesel Engine. It is obtained by distilling crude oil in a Fractional Distiller. It holds 6 uses of kerosene which can be seen as lines on the side of the tank. Each use is approximately equivalent to a cost of 4 bowls of water.

Kerosene can be moved between tanks by using a Clay Bowl.

Version History[edit | edit source]