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A Forge is a tool used in smithing to turn smelt ores into usable forms. A forge is created by adding bellows to an adobe kiln (or adobe kiln with charcoal). It requires fire to use. Using wooden tongs, you can smelt iron, limestone, and gold products when the forge is firing. You can also create a Sterilized Knife by using a knife on a firing forge. A firing forge extinguishes after 30 seconds. Standing next to a firing forge will influence a player's temperature.

Note: The only difference between a kiln and a forge is that the forge has bellows.


To use a forge, bellows and charcoal must be present. Charcoal is made by using adobe on a firing kiln. The forge can be lit using a firebrand. Pick up the object to be forged using wooden tongs and use it on the firing forge. Then set the object either on the ground (for Crucibles), or on a Flat Rock, with Smithing Hammer or a round stone at the ready.

See Smithing for a full guide.

Forgeable Items[]

Note: clay products can only be fired in a kiln.