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A Fire is used to provide heat and ignition for smithing and cooking. After 1 minute, a normal fire will turn into Hot Coals.




Spent Tinder
  • At all stages you must work quickly, as the ember will sizzle out after 10 seconds.
  • Juniper Tinder and Leaf will decay after 2 minutes.
  • Juniper Tinder is not the same thing as Pine Needles
  • Use Stone Hatchet or steel axe on most wood to make kindling.
  • Spent Tinder will disappear after 2 minutes.
  • Burning Tinder can also be created by setting juniper tinder alight with a firebrand, however in this case you may as well set alight the kindling directly.

Large Slow Fire[]

A Large Slow Fire is made by putting either a butt log or firewood into a fire, or large fast fire. After 4 minutes it will turn back into a normal fire. It is the most efficient fire as it lasts the longest.

Note:It is more economical to use firewood, since butt logs are used to create various tools.

Large Fast Fire[]

Large Fast Fire.jpg

A Large Fast Fire is made by putting kindling or Bowl of Bagasse onto a normal fire. After 1 minute, it will die down to a normal fire. It is far more efficient to use firewood to create a Large Slow Fire which lasts for 4 minutes.

Note: If firewood is not yet available, it is more efficient to wait until the fire dies down to hot coals before adding kindling.


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