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Fertile Soil Deposit can be found naturally in grasslands. Using a basket on a fertile soil deposit will turn it into a fertile soil pit. Fertile soil pit gives 9 more baskets of soil before it is emptied.

The Wormy Empty Fertile Soil Pit can then be dug with a shovel to make a dug fertile soil pit. Or, removing the worm will turn it into a worm pit which will give you two more worms. Collecting all three worms turns it into a wormless soil pit which can still be dug with a shovel. After an hour, a mushroom grows from the wormless soil pit.

Whereas the soil from Fertile Soil Pit is finite, you can create soil via composting.


  • In previous versions, worms were required in the compost cycle. Currently, worms are used for fishing Arctic Chars.

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