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Domestic Gooseberry Bush is a plant that can be farmed from it's wild equivalent, Wild Gooseberry Bush. Gooseberries can be eaten as a raw food, and are used in compost, baking, and domesticating sheep.


Use a Flint Chip on a gooseberry picked from a Wild Gooseberry Bush to get Gooseberry Seed. Plant the seed in a Deep Tilled Row then add a bowl of water or full water pouch. After 12 minutes, it will turn into a Domestic Gooseberry Bush with 7 berries.

If you pick all the berries from the bush, 2 minutes later it will become Languishing. After 30 minutes it will start to die. Adding a bowl of soil to the languishing or dying form will put the bush in its dry state. Then by adding water the bush will regrow its berries after 8 minutes. Otherwise, after 1 hour, a dying bush will become dead and cannot be revived.


The best designs for berry farms leave space to put down compost and clay bowls. Creating farms that are 3 or 4 bushes wide, with Wooden Floor in the spaces, leaves enough space that a bowl can be filled from the middle bushes without having to move back and forth. The same restriction does not apply for vertical spacing, as when harvesting above your character, the player's body tends to get in the way.

Using Stone Road to make a border around a berry farm is not recommended, as a player will tend to "slip" around trying to stop.


Berry bushes can be removed by using stakes on a languishing berry bush, then watering, and promptly using a shovel. The dug gooseberry bush can then be turned into kindling with a Steel Axe or Stone Hatchet. A dying gooseberry bush can be turned directly into kindling by using a shovel. A dead gooseberry bush can be turned into kindling by using a Steel Axe, Shovel or Stone Hatchet.


  • A Domestic Gooseberry Bush holds one more berry than its wild counterpart.
  • The dry form of the bush will remain indefinitely without dying.
  • Berries do not respawn. It was an old strategy to leave the last berry on the bush for them to respawn but berries no long respawn in any form.
  • It is best to take berries from domestic bushes with fewer berries, so that soil and water can be added to restart the cycle sooner.
  • Gooseberries despawn 5 minutes after being picked, unless they are stored in a Clay Bowl.
  • Gooseberry seeds will despawn after 1 hr, unless they are stored in a bowl.


  • v.207 - Gooseberry seeds can now be stored in a bowl.