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Dogs are an animal which cannot be found naturally occurring and are only domesticated from wolves. Dogs are friendly (except for Mean Pit Bulls), and will tend to follow the player. Dogs can be one of nine breeds (Pit Bull, Poodle, Chihuahua, Dachshund, Airedale, Beagle, Collie, German Shepherd and Schnauser). Unlike other animals, adult dogs have a limited lifespan, and will grow old and die.


When fed raw mutton, a Wolf will become a pregnant Semi-tame Wolf and produce three puppies (collie puppy, German shepherd puppy, and a wolf puppy) which can be picked up. Puppies then fed with Bowl of Carnitas will grow into adult dogs. If not fed promptly, the puppy will die. A wolf puppy will turn into a semi-tame wolf. Semi-tame wolves are still deadly, but can grow old and die. You can then feed an adult dog raw mutton to produce more puppies.

A dog can only breed once in its lifetime, and once its puppies are removed it will turn into an old dog. A dog will grow old regardless of whether it has produced puppies. Dogs cannot be killed, except for Mean Pit Bulls, which can be killed with a bow and arrow.

Mean Pit Bull[]

Mean Pit Bull.jpg

A Mean Pit Bull has a chance of being created from a Pit Bull. They are aggressive and can attack players leaving a Bite Wound, which if not treated promptly (with Sterile Wool Pad and Needle and Thread) will result in death. Mean Pit Bulls can be shot and killed with bow and arrow. It is also possible to force a pit bull to become mean by hitting it with a long straight shaft. When Mean Pit Bulls grow old, they become harmless.

Note: It is possible to distinguish a mean pit bull from a harmless pit bull by its lowered head and tail.


Breed Image Puppy Notes
Semi-tame Wolf Wolf.jpg Wolf Puppy.jpg Births 1 collie, 1 German Shepherd, and 1 Wolf Puppy
Pit Bull Pitbull.png Pit Bull Puppy.png Births 3 pit bull puppies
Poodle Poodle.png Poodle Puppy.png Births 3 poodle puppies
Chihuahua Chihuahua.png Chihuahua Puppy.png Births 3 chihuahua puppies
Dachshund Dachshund.png Dachshund Puppy.png Births 2 dachshund puppies and 1 chihuahua puppy
Airedale Airedale.png Airedale Puppy.png Births 1 dachshund puppy, 1 schnauser puppy, and 1 airedale puppy
Beagle Beagle.png Beagle Puppy.png Births 3 beagle puppies
Collie Collie.png Collie Puppy.png Births 1 poodle puppy, 1 airedale puppy, and 1 collie puppy.
German Shepherd German Shepherd.png German Shepherd Puppy.png Births 1 beagle puppy, 1 pitbull puppy, and 1 german shepherd puppy
Schnauser Schnauser.png Schnauser Puppy.png Births 3 schnauser puppies

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  • v.139 - Dogs added.
  • v.247 - Before, dogs were young for 8 years and old for 8 years, on average. Now they are young for 12 years and old for four years.