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Diesel Engine

Diesel Engine is a machine part used to make Diesel Water Pump, Crude Car and Crude Airplane. It is expensive to make, as it requires 18 Iron Ore, and the use of a Multipurpose Newcomen Engine to craft. Diesel Engine runs on Kerosene and does not require fire to use. Diesel Engine can only be picked up after age 15 and slows the player to 50% walking speed.

Total Raw Materials required[]

OHOL Engine Cheat Sheet.png

Parts Required[]

Cam Timing Assembly:

Diesel Crank Assembly:

Engine Fuel System:

Smithing Breakdown[]

This section gives the smithing components of the recipe in order of crafting from scratch, assuming you already have a Forge, Smithing Hammer, Multipurpose Newcomen Engine and all its attachments.

  1. Turn 18 Iron Ore into Wrought Iron
  2. Turn 1 wrought iron into Empty Fuel Tank and the other 17 into Steel Ingots.
  3. Use 12 Hot Steel Ingot in Wooden Tongs on the Newcomen Hammer to make:
  4. Use 5 Hot Steel Ingot in Wooden Tongs on the Newcomen Roller to make:
  5. Newcomen Bore:
  6. Newcomen Lathe:


Cam Timing Assembly[]

Use a knife on a Vulcanized Rubber Belt and add to a Disconnected Pulley Drive Mechanism. Add a Cam Shaft to get Cam Timing Assembly.

Diesel Crank Assembly[]

Add two Steel Valves to a Precision Cylinder. Then take another Steel Valve and combine it with Fuel Nozzle Body and add this to the cylinder. Add a Precision Piston to complete one Diesel Piston Head. Combine two of these and add a Crank Shaft to get Diesel Crank Assembly.


Combine the Cam Timing Assembly and the Diesel Crank Assembly (returning the Long Straight Shaft). Add a Steel Pipe to a Empty Fuel Tank and add this to the drive assembly to complete the Diesel Engine.