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Deep WellDry Deep Well

A Deep Well is an improved source of water which is created by adding a stanchion kit to an empty shallow well. A Deep Well can only interact with a Bucket. It has 5 lots of water with a 25% chance to use, meaning it has an estimated 17 uses before it dries up.

You cannot multiply water by taking it out and putting it back in. Due to the chances, you will mostly likely lose water if you put water back into wells. It takes 150 min with 25% chance for a deep well to gain +1 unit of water. Dry Deep Wells take 2.5 hours to regenerate +1 water with 100% chance. Adding or taking water will reset the regeneration rate, so it is recommended to empty water sources completely into Cisterns to control for this.

A dry deep well can be upgraded into a Newcomen Pump. Once the first Stone Block has been placed, the water will not regenerate. The blocks can be removed again, up until the step where the Pump Beam Kit is added.

A dry deep well an also be upgraded into a Diesel Pump, by adding a Pump Valve (which returns the Stanchion Kit), followed by a Diesel Engine.