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Decay is the property of some items to degrade, change, or disappear after a set amount of time.


Heat Source Image Decay time Decays into
Straw Straw.jpg 4 min
Reed Bundle Reed Bundle.jpg 4 min
Sheep Dung Sheep Dung.jpg 30 min
Tule Stumps Tule Stumps.jpg 1 hr
Stump Stump.jpg 1 hr
Sapling Stump Sapling Stump.jpg 1 hr
Dug Sapling Stump Dug Sapling Stump.jpg 2 min
Gooseberry Gooseberry.jpg 5min
Basket Basket.jpg 10 hours Floppy Basket
Stack of Baskets Stack of Baskets.jpg 10 hours Stack of Floppy Baskets
Floppy Basket Floppy Basket.jpg 30 min Broken Basket
Stack of Floppy Baskets Stack of Floppy Baskets.jpg 30 min Broken Basket
Broken Basket Broken Basket.jpg 1 hour
Dug Wild Cabbage Dug Wild Cabbage.png 2 min
Dug Teosinte Dug Teosinte.jpg 2 min
Dug Wild Bean Plant Dug Wild Bean Plant.png 2 min
Dug Wild Squash Plant Dug Wild Squash Plant.png 2 min
Dug Wild Pepper Plant Dug Wild Pepper Plant.jpg 2 min
Dug Wild Tomato Plant Dug Wild Tomato Plant.jpg 2 min
Dirty Raw Corn Tortilla Dirty Raw Corn Tortilla.jpg 5 min
Dirty Raw Wheat Tortilla Dirty Raw Wheat Tortilla.jpg 5 min
Bloody Wool Pad Bloody Wool Pad.jpg 2 min
Rose Roses.png 30 min (blue rose does not decay)
Burnt Rabbit Burnt Rabbit.jpg 3 min
Burnt Goose Burnt Goose.jpg 3 min
Burnt Fish Burnt Fish.jpg 3 min
Burnt Shrimp Burnt Shrimp.jpg 3 min
Banana Peel Banana Peel.jpg 2 min
Leaf Leaf.jpg 2 min
Mango Leaf Mango Leaf.jpg 2 min
Juniper Tinder Juniper Tinder.jpg 2 min
Pine Needles Pine Needles.jpg 1 hr
Wheat Stumps Wheat Stumps.jpg 2 min
Milkweed Debris Milkweed Debris.jpg 1 min Milkweed Stump
Milkweed Debris(fruit) Milkweed Debris(fruit).jpg 10 min Milkweed Stump
Milkweed Stump Milkweed Stump.jpg 1 min
Stone Wall Stone Wall.jpg 10 hours Ancient Stone Wall
Adobe Wall Adobe Wall.jpg 10 hours Cracking Adobe Wall
Cracking Adobe Wall Cracking Adobe Wall.jpg 30 min Adobe Rubble
Property Fence Property Fence(Corner).jpg 60 min Rickety Property Fence
Rickety Property Fence Rickety Property Fence(Corner).jpg 60 min Property Fence Twigs


Clothing which does not degrade includes: aprons, Straw Hat, Crowns, Mouflon Hide, Seal Skin, Sheep Skin, Reed Skirt, Toque Blanche, Old Boot and Plucked Turkey.


Tools with unlimited uses include: Stone, Flint Chip, Knife, Bellows, Wooden Sledge. Horse-Drawn Cart is immune to everything except Rattle Snake, creating a Tipped Horse-Drawn Cart which can be corrected with a rope. Crude Car is immune to all dangers, but requires Kerosene to run.

Heat Source Image Decay time Decays into
Hand Cart with Tires Hand Cart with Tires.jpg 10 hrs Hand Cart
Hand Cart Hand Cart.jpg 10 hrs Old Hand Cart
Old Hand Cart Old Hand Cart.jpg 30 min Broken Hand Cart
Broken Hand Cart Broken Hand Cart.jpg 20 min
Wheelbarrow Wheelbarrow.jpg 10 hrs Old Wheelbarrow
Old Wheelbarrow Old Wheelbarrow.jpg 30 min Broken Wheelbarrow
Broken Wheelbarrow Broken Wheelbarrow.jpg 20 min
Broken Skewer Broken Skewer.jpg 4 min
Broken Wood Tool Broken Wood Tool.jpg 1 hr
Broken Stone Tool Broken Stone Tool.jpg 1 hr
Broken Steel Tool Broken Steel Tool.jpg 1 hr
Broken Small Stone Tool Broken Small Stone Tool.jpg 1 hr


Seeds which do not decay include: Wild Squash, Teosinte Seed Head, Dry Bean Pod, Wild Rose Hip and Rose Hip, Rose Seed, Stratified Rose Seed, Wild Potato Tubers, Raw Potato, Sprouting Potato and Split Potato Sprouts, Sugarcane Chunks and Bowls of seeds, .

Item Image Decay time
Gooseberry Seed Gooseberry Seed.jpg 5 min
Carrot Seed Head Wild Carrot Seed Head.jpg 1 hour
Wheat Seed Head Wheat Seed Head.jpg 2 min
Milkweed Seed Milkweed Seed.jpg 5 min
Corn Kernel Corn Kernel.jpg 5 min
Squash Seeds Squash Seeds.jpg 5 min
Cabbage Seed Cabbage Seed.jpg 5 min
Tomato Seed Tomato Seed.jpg 5 min
Onion Seeds Onion Seeds.jpg 5 min
Pepper Seed Pepper Seed.jpg 5 min
Sapling Cutting
Maple Tree Cutting,
Poplar Tree Cutting,
Pine Tree Cutting,
Yew Tree Cutting
Mango Tree Cutting
Sapling Cutting.jpg 10 min


Also see: Bonsai

Heat Source Image Decay time Decays into
Carrot Row Carrot Row.jpg 5 min Seeding Carrots
Empty Domestic Gooseberry Bush Empty Domestic Gooseberry Bush.jpg 2 min Languishing Domestic Gooseberry Bush
Languishing Domestic Gooseberry Bush Languishing Domestic Gooseberry Bush.jpg 30 min Dying Gooseberry Bush
Dying Gooseberry Bush Dying Gooseberry Bush.jpg 1 hr Dead Gooseberry Bush
Dry Maple Sapling Cutting
Dry Poplar Sapling Cutting,
Dry Pine Sapling Cutting,
Dry Yew Sapling Cutting
Dry Mango Sapling Cutting
Dry Maple Sapling Cutting.jpg 20 min Hardened Row
Dry Maple Sapling
Dry Poplar Sapling,
Dry Pine Sapling,
Dry Yew Sapling
Dry Mango Sapling
Dry Maple Sapling.jpg 20 min Dead Sapling
Eaten Carrot Row Eaten Carrot Row.jpg 10 min Hardened Row


  • Hot steel cools down after 10 seconds

See: Smithing

Bones and corpses[]

See Bones


Heat Source Image Decay time Decays into
Large Fast Fire Large Fast Fire.jpg 1 minute Fire
Large Slow Fire Large Slow Fire.jpg 4 minutes Fire
Fire Fire.jpg 1 min Hot Coals
Hot Coals Hot Coals.jpg 2 min Ashes
Ashes Ashes.jpg 2 min
Firebrand Firebrand.jpg 1 min Long Straight Shaft
Ember Shaft Ember Shaft.jpg 10 sec Long Straight Shaft
Ember Leaf Ember Leaf.jpg 10 sec Leaf
Smoldering Tinder Smoldering Tinder.jpg 5 sec Burning Tinder
Burning Tinder Burning Tinder.jpg 10 sec Spent Tinder
Spent Tinder Spent Tinder.jpg 2 min
Hot Flat Rock Hot Flat Rock.jpg 2 min Cool Flat Rock
Burning Adobe Oven Burning Adobe Oven.jpg 15 sec Hot Adobe Oven
Hot Adobe Oven Hot Adobe Oven.jpg 1 min Adobe Oven
Roasting Turkey Roasting Turkey.jpg 30 sec Cooked Turkey
Firing Adobe Kiln Firing Adobe Kiln.jpg 30 sec Adobe Kiln
Firing Adobe Kiln Sealed Firing Adobe Kiln Sealed.jpg 30 sec Sealed Adobe Kiln
Firing Forge Firing Forge.jpg 30 sec Forge
Dried Salt Dried Salt.png 2 min Ashes with Bowl of Salt
Cooked Wood Shavings on Hot Coals Cooked Wood Shavings on Hot Coals.jpg 2 min Ashes with Bowl of Cooked Wood Shavings
Cooked Omelette Cooked Omelette.png 10 sec Burned Omelette
Burned Omelette Burned Omelette.png 100 sec Cool Flat Rock
Cooking Three Sisters Stew Cooking Three Sisters Stew.jpg 30 sec Three Sister's Stew
Cooking Turkey Broth Turkey Broth.jpg 30 sec Turkey Broth

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