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Daniell Cell

A Daniell Cell is a part needed in Spark Gap Transmitter and Marconi Receiver, to construct a functioning radio.


Daniell Cell Anode[]

Use Wooden Tongs to heat a Zinc Ingot on Hot Coals, and use within 10 seconds on a Firing Newcomen Roller, to get a Zinc Rod. Note: Hot metal cools after 10 seconds. Add the Zinc Rod to a Bowl of Sulfuric Acid to get the Daniell Cell Anode.

Pot of Copper Sulfate[]

Use a Smithing Hammer on a Copper Ingot to make a Copper Pot.

Add a piece of Copper Foil to a Bowl of Sulfuric Acid, to get Copper Sulfate. Add this to the copper pot to get Pot of Copper Sulfate. Combine with the Daniell Cell Anode to complete the Daniell Cell