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Running Crude Car

A Crude Car is a rideable vehicle which provides fast transport (300% walking speed) and storage (4 large items). It requires kerosene (and thus an Oil Rig and Fractional Distiller) to run, and the use of a Multipurpose Newcomen Engine to craft its Diesel Engine. Although expensive to make and use (19 Iron Ore plus all the tools needed to craft parts and fuel), its advantage over Horse-Drawn Cart is that it is even faster, and is not affected by Rattle Snakes. A Crude Car can only be used after age 16.

Total Raw Materials required[]


See the Diesel Engine page for its recipe.

Create four Wooden Wheels and add Vulcanized Rubber Tire to each. Join two tired wheels together, then add to another two wheels. Add the four wheels with tires to a Wooden Box, then add the Diesel Engine to finish the car.


Use a Tank of Kerosene to fuel the car for 2 minutes; thus, it is recommend to take an additional tank of kerosene with you.

Unlike Horse-Drawn Cart, driving over a Rattle Snake will not hurt you, and will actually turn the snake into roadkill. Additionally, other animals cannot harm you while you are in the vehicle. The main risk is therefore running out of fuel far from home.