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Crafting in One Hour One Life allows players to produce tools, food and clothing out of the materials they've gathered. These crafted objects will help the player survive in the wild and build a village. However, some objects have a limited life span and can break with use or deteriorate over time.

Most crafting is done by picking up one object, then clicking it on another object (Note: In certain recipes, it matters which is the held object). Some objects will change over time, such as a Barrel Cactus regenerating cactus fruit over time. Or a Backpack decaying into a tattered backpack. Other recipes require various tools and multiple steps to complete.

Onetech is an up-to-date resource for searching ingredients and recipes, as well as tech-trees for crafting. It can also be accessed via the link at the top of the One Hour One Life website

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Basic tools can be made from gathering natural materials from the wild. Like tree branches, plants and stone. More advanced tools require a variety of objects to craft. Others may need knowledge of smithing.


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Some raw food can be eaten directly, or must be cooked using various tools and appliances such as Hot Coals or an Adobe Oven.


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Farming involves domesticating wild plants or animals. Plant crops are acquired by taking seeds or cuttings from wild plants. They require fertile soil, water, and often extra steps to grow. Ponds can be further upgraded into Shallow Well and Deep Well. Soil can be obtained from naturally occurring Fertile Soil Deposits, or produced via composting.


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Wild animals can be killed using certain tools to harvest their products, and their babies taken to domesticate for farming. The most basic form of hunting is using a snare to catch rabbits. In most circumstances, it is better to kill animals in their family form.



Fire is used in cooking, keeping babies warm, smithing, and crafting several other objects.

See Fire for full guide.


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Building loosely refers to crafting structures, such as an Adobe Kiln, as well as roads and rooms. They are indicators of an advanced civilization.





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Smithing refers broadly to crafting objects in a Adobe Kiln or Forge. This is usually done with clay, Iron Ore or Gold Flakes as a base material, and requires kindling or charcoal, and a source of fire. Objects that can be made include tools, rails, lock and keys, crowns, dice and bells


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Clothes are wearable items made from rabbit furs, wool, and other materials. They influence a player's temperature by an insulation percentage and in cold biomes can extend the time in which the hunger meter depletes.

Some purely cosmetic clothing such as Toque Blanche and crowns provide zero insulation. Other items, such as Backpack and aprons provide a carrying capacity, allowing a player to store up to five items on their body plus an additional carried item. Wool clothing can be dyed red or blue. Uniquely, Old Boot is not crafted, but can be fished from an Ice Hole using a Baited Fishing Pole.


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Medical Treatment uses crafted items to heal wounds inflicted by animals or other players.