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Corn is a domesticated version of the Teosinte plant, which can be farmed for use in cooking, as well to domesticate some animals.


Find a wild teosinte in the yellow prairies and pick its teosinte seed head. Sow a teosinte seed head in a deep tilled row to make Dry Planted Corn Seed. Then water with bowl of water or full water pouch, and after 4 minutes, it will turn into a Corn Plant which when harvested, will yield 4 Ear of Corns. And if all ears are harvested the row will turn into a hardened row.

Using a sharp stone, knife, or flint chip on an Ear of Corn will make Shucked Ear of Corn. Leaving a shucked corn for 4 minutes will turn it into Dried Ear of Corn. From this, seeds can be created using a knife or flint chip. Endless Corn Kernels can be created in this way, which decay after 5 minutes.


Using a sharp stone, knife, or flint chip on an Ear of Corn will make a Shucked Ear of Corn. Shucked Ear of Corn can be eaten fresh, or left for 4 minutes to turn into Dried Ear of Corn, which can be used for further cooking, or to get seeds.

Adding dried ear of corn to a Clay Bowl makes Bowl with Corn Cob. From here, it can either be used to create Popcorn by using on a fire, or using a Flint Chip will make Bowl with Corn Kernels.

Bowl of Corn Kernels can be added to Crock with Squash and Beans, or combined with Bowl of Slaked Lime (for making pork and bean tacos). It can also be fed to Hungry Wild Piglet, Hungry Bison Calf, Domestic Goose, Hungry Domestic Calf, Hungry Domestic Piglet and Domestic Cow.


  • v.108 - Bowl with Corn Kernels added, used to make Stew.
  • v.207 - Bowl with Corn Kernels can now be contained.