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Cooked Goose is a food item and an ingredient in smithing. It is used on a Steel File Blank to get Oiled File Blank. It can be used (or eaten) twice, then you get Goose Bones.


Pluck a Dead Canada Goose or Dead Domestic Goosewith a flint chip or knife. Use a skewer on the Plucked Goose, then cook the skewered goose on hot coals to get Cooked Goose. If cooked on any fire, it will result in an unusable, inedible Burnt Goose. Burnt goose decays after 3 minutes, or can be dumped into a Small Trash Pit.

After eating, or using, a cooked goose, Goose Bones are obtained which do not have any use, and will disappear after 4 minutes, or can be thrown in a Small Trash Pit.