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Composted Soil

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Compost is one of the most vital technologies for the survival of a civilization. Without it, surrounding naturally occurring soil will gradually be depleted, and as most food sources require fertile soil, your civilization will eventually starve. Soil is also important for other crops, such as Milkweed, which are necessary for several tools and technologies.

Compost requires carrots, gooseberries, wheat, sheep dung and water. Aside from water, these all require fertile soil- so soil should be prioritized for these purposes before other uses, to create a sustainable system before soil runs out.

Composting can be a full time job unless well organized, and it is important to ensure all parts of the process are running smoothly or at least acceptably. If no one else in your settlement knows how to make compost, it is worth training another player before you die.

How to create compost[]

  1. Fill a Clay Bowl with gooseberries from a wild or domestic bush.
  2. Add a carrot and use a Sharp Stone to mash the bowl.
  3. Add the mixture to straw. (Shredded Cabbage can be used also)
  4. Add water.
  5. Using a Shovel, add Sheep Dung (get by feeding bowl of gooseberries and carrot to a sheep).
  6. Wait four minutes
  7. Scoop and serve; Composted Soil contains 7 baskets of soil (or backpacks full), which in turn contain three bowls of fertile soil each.


  • v.75 - The Reed Bundle can no longer be used to create compost. Compost now has 4 soil, up from 3. You need Worm to create compost.
  • v.79 - Worms are no longer needed to create compost. Now you need Sheep Dung to create compost.
  • v.156 - Backpack can now be used to retrieve soil from compost.
  • v.159 - Composted Soil contains 7 baskets of soil instead of 8