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There are currently 18 available characters in the game, with unique sprites for different Life Stages.

Each character sprite is assigned a number and a letter e.g. "Female001 D". The number indicates the order in which the sprites were added. While the letter indicates the skin tone level. Mothers have a chance of producing babies which are a skin tone lighter or darker.


Sprite ID Baby Child Teen Adult Middle
Elderly Family Tree Portraits Version added Skin Tone
Female001 D Female001 D.jpg Female001 D old.png Brown hair girl.png 16 D
Female003 D Curly blonde girl.png 24 D
Female004 C Female004 C.jpg Brown girl long hair.png 24 C
Female006 C Female006C baby.jpg Female006C child.jpg Female006C teen.jpg Female006 C.jpg Female006C middleaged.jpg Female006C elderly.jpg Brown girl short hair.png 24 C
Female009 D Female009D baby.png Female009D child.png Female009D teen.png Female009 D.jpg Female009D middleaged.png Female009D elderly.png Curly red hair girl.png 101 D
Female011 C Female011 C.jpg Brown girl braid.png 101 C
Female013 F Female013 F.jpg Ginger freckle girl.png 135 F
Female016 A Female016 A.jpg Darkest girl curly.png 184 A
Female017 F Female017 F.jpg Ginger girl.png 184 F
Female018 A Female018 A.jpg Darkest girl braids.png 184 A
Male002 D Male002 D.jpg Brown hair boy.png 20 D
Male005 D Male005 D.jpg Curly blonde boy.png 24 D
Male007 C Male007 C.jpg Brown boy creepy.png 24 C
Male008 C Male008 C.jpg Brown boy curly hair.png 24 C
Male010 D Male010 D.jpg Curly red hair boy.png 101 D
Male012 C Male012 C.jpg Brown boy combover hair.png 101 C
Male014 A Male014 A.jpg Darkest boy.png 135 A
Male015 F Male015 F.jpg Ginger boy.png 184 F
Male019 A Male019 A.jpg Portraits 19.png 249 A
Male020 A Male020 A.jpg Portraits 20.png 249 A
Male021 F Male021 F.jpg 249 F
Male022 F Male022 F.jpg 249 F