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The Cause of Death of a character appears after their death, and is visible on their Family Trees, which can be accessed on the game's main menu and at the top of the official OHOL website. There are many ways a player's character can die in the game, the most likely being starvation, while probably the most esteemed is Old Age. A murdered character's bones will appear bloody for 5 minutes.

Cause Message Explanation
Starvation Starved Hunger reaches less than zero
Sudden Infant Death Sudden Infant Death Infant player typed "/die"
Murder (from a Weapon)

Will show "Murdered" in the family tree, until the murderer dies after which the message shown will be: "Killed by (Player Name)".

Wolf Killed by Wolf
Semi-tame Wolf
Rattle Snake Killed by Rattle Snake
Grizzly Bear Killed by Hungry Grizzly Bear
Wild Boar Killed by Wild Boar
Domestic Boar
Pit Bull
Mosquito Swarm Killed by Mosquito Swarm Character is bitten by a Mosquito Swarm too many times
Yellow Fever Killed by Yellow Fever Death by Starvation while with Yellow Fever
Connection lost Loss of Connection Can also be caused by an unstable or slow internet connection
Grief Killed by grief Repeated deaths of newborns committing suicide cause grief.
Old Age Died of Old Age When a player reaches age 60.
The Apocalypse Note: The current version of The Apocalypse does not necessarily kill players. The old recipe (now named Oddity) which killed all players on a server can still be constructed, but does not trigger an event.

Unofficial causes[]

  • Suicide (A player deliberately starves their character, or throws themselves on a dangerous animal)
  • Talking to death (A player is so busy entering text in the speech box they forget to eat)
  • Rubberbanding to death (Lag or other issue causes the player to starve)
  • Psilocybe Mushroom (A player is unable to identify food due to the effects of the mushroom, and starves, or runs into a deadly animal)
  • Dogocalypse (An excess of immortal dogs caused players to be unable to drop items, and caused mass starvation)
  • Unknown Weapon (A bug allowing fired arrow note to be used as a weapon without the bow)
  • Unknown - various circumstances. One such is from certain versions of the Awbz mod when using the "Instant die", Shift-del command, the client sends a malformed "MOVE" message.[1]