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Carrot is food item which is farmed from it's wild counterpart, the wild carrot. Carrots can be eaten raw, and are also used in composting, baking, feeding sheep, domesticating mouflon and wild horses, crafting a carrot crown and building a Snowman. Carrots can be stacked.


Find a wild carrot in the yellow prairies and pick its carrot seed head. Sow a carrot seed head in a deep tilled row then water with bowl of water or full water pouch, and after 4 minutes, wet row will turn into a carrot row containing five carrots which can be harvested by hand. And if all carrots are harvested the row will turn into a hardened row.

If the carrots are not harvested, after 5 minutes any carrot left in the Carrot Row will mature to Seeding Carrots, which can only be harvested for seeds. A full row of seeding carrots has 7 seeds, but each carrot harvested reduces the number of potential seeds by 1, 2, 1, 2, and then 1. It is best to leave a full carrot row to go to seed in order to maximize the output per soil used, because letting carrots mature to seed destroys the soil.

As of v.207, carrot seeds must be stored in a bowl so that they don't decay.

Since growing carrots require regular attention, it is recommended leave carrots in the dry state until needed.

Eaten Carrot Row[]

Eaten Carrot Row is the result of a sheep eating a carrot row. After 10 minutes it decays into hardened row. Using a hoe or shovel can turn it into a deep tilled row. Using a basket will give a basket of soil. To avoid eaten carrots, sheep must be kept separate from carrot plots. One method is to use sheep pens

Use in crafting[]


  • Wild carrot plants no longer regenerate their seed, so they are safe to dig up with a Sharp Stone to eat once the seed has been picked.
  • Seeds must be stored in a bowl so that they don't decay. It may be worth collecting the seeds from wild carrots in a bowl early on.
  • Since you will need seeds to replant your rows after they have been harvested, it is recommended to set aside at least one plot of carrots to go to seed (Check if you have seeds lying around first).
  • Domestic Sheep will eat your carrots out of a Carrot Row if you let them, which is why sheep pens are a popular strategy.
  • Dry Planted Carrots will never decay.


  • v.29 - Domestic carrot farming added.
  • v.207 - Carrots can now stack in piles of five. Carrot Seed Heads now decay after 5 minutes, and can be placed into bowls to prevent from decaying.
  • v.208 - Removed food value from Carrot Pile. Fixed a bug which allowed players to replenish food without consuming carrots.
  • v.210 - A row of Seeding Carrots no longer decays.