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Canada Goose Ponds can be found in swampy areas.

Water can be gathered from a pond using clay bowls or water pouches. When an egg is present, ponds have a 20% chance to regenerate one water every 12 minutes, resulting in an approximate regeneration rate of 1 water per hour. If there is no egg, the egg will generate first, then the water timer will begin.

When geese are present they can be killed for meat using a bow and arrow or interacted with to produce goose feathers. Periodically, eggs will become available to harvest. Geese will despawn permanently if the pond is drained completely or flooded turning it into a pond (the process of overflowing does not occur naturally but rather when water is added to a pond by a player that is already at its naturally full state).

A naturally full pond has 4 lots of water with a 20% chance to use. This means it can fill a pouch or bowl approximately 20 times before completely drying. You cannot multiply water by adding it to the pond since it will be guaranteed to be taken out if water has been put in by the player. Putting in multiple water does not affect the chances and in fact loses any extra water you may put in.


Water levels of Canada Goose Pond
Water levels of Canada Goose Pond


  • A goose begins to swim and leaves a feather only if someone interacts with it. After 30 seconds it goes back to the shore.
  • One egg will regenerate 20 minutes after removal.
  • A pond with a goose will only generate water if an egg is present.
  • You can not shoot a goose in its offshore state.
  • Be careful. Geese will despawn permanently if the pond is drained completely or overfilled.


  • v.20 - Canada Goose Pond added, and can poke to get feather.
  • v.49 - Can shoot goose with Bow and Arrow, and retrieve Dead Canada Goose. Pond added.
  • v.111 - Egg added.
  • v.173 - Egg generation time increased from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • v.207 - Removed chance to use water when Goose returns to shore. This also fixes last-pond-use swimming goose being stuck swimming forever.
  • v.247 - Fixed so that you can't drain shot Canada Goose Pond before removing the goose, to prevent the goose from disappearing when the pond is emptied.

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