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A Bow and Arrow is a tool and weapon made by combining a Yew Bow and an Arrow. It can be used to kill certain animals or even other players. However it can only be picked up after age 10.

Bow and arrow can be used to kill wolves, bears, boars, mouflon, bison, turkeys and mean pit bulls. Bears and bison require 3 and 2 arrows respectively to kill. Shooting a player will result in an arrow wound which, if not promptly given medical treatment, will result in death.

An arrow cannot be shot through an impassable object, such as a tree or wall.

Yew Bow[]

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A Yew Bow is made by combining a yew shaft with a rope. It can only be picked up after age 10.

Shooting another player with a Bow and Arrow will result in a bloody yew bow. Similar to Bloody Knife, the attacking player can not throw the bow to the ground and his movement speed is slowed (to 25% walking speed) for 1 minute, when the bow becomes ordinary.



An arrow can be made by first combining a thread with a skewer to get Tied Skewer. Then adding both a flint arrowhead and fletching (made by cutting a goose feather with a flint chip) in any order.

Arrows can be reused after retrieving the arrow from the corpse. If pulled from a living player, the arrowhead will remain embedded in the wounded player, resulting in a headless arrow. A note written on Blank Paper can be attached to the arrow and shot as such.

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