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Bones are created from the death of a player's character, or animals. Some are used in crafting, tools and medical supplies. Some smaller bones can be picked up by hand, while player bones and some animal bones can only be moved using a basket. Some animal remains cannot be moved, but will decay after a set amount of time.

Player Bones[]

Bones appear after a character's death. They bear the name of the character even after moving.

Since untouched player remains take 182 minutes to naturally despawn, it is generally advised to pick them up and move them to speed decay (since Bone Piles disappear after only 120 minutes). A shovel can be used to make a Buried Grave, which further reduces the decay time to 1 hour. However, in most cases the reduced time is not worth the cost of iron. Burying beloved family members is generally accepted.

Picking up bone piles will reset their decay timer, so it optimal to avoid moving bone piles, as well as Old Graves (which also take 120 minutes to disappear), unless they are in the way.

Bone type Image Decay time Decays into
Murder Grave Murder Grave.jpg 5 minutes Fresh Grave
Fresh Grave Fresh Grave.jpg 2 minutes Grave
Grave Grave.jpg 60 minutes Old Grave
Old Grave Old Grave.jpg 120 minutes
Bone Pile Bone Pile.jpg 120 minutes
Buried Grave Buried Grave.png 120 minutes
Marked Grave Marked Grave.jpg N/A N/A
Basket of Bones Basket of Bones.jpg 10 hours Floppy Basket
Baby Bones Baby Bones.jpg N/A N/A (dropped to get Bone Pile)

Animal Bones[]

Remains of an animals that have been skinned, butchered and/or eaten.

Bone type Image Decay time notes
Sheep Bones Sheep Bones.jpg 120 minutes
Pig Bones Pig Bones.jpg 120 minutes
Rabbit Bones Rabbit Bones.jpg 4 minutes
Rabbit Bone Rabbit Bone.jpg 4 minutes created from Rabbit Bones,
used to make Bone Needle
Goose Bones Goose Bones.jpg 4 minutes
Fish Bones Fish Bones.png 4 minutes
Turkey Leg Bone Turkey Leg Bone.jpg N/A for making Turkey Broth
Partial Turkey Bones on Plate Turkey Bones on Plate.jpg N/A for making Turkey Broth
Turkey Bones on Plate Turkey Bones on Plate.jpg N/A for making Turkey Broth
Mouflon Bones Mouflon Bones.jpg 4 minutes
Basket of Pig Bones,
Basket of Sheep Bones,
Basket of Mouflon Bones
Basket of Sheep Bones.jpg 10 hours Floppy Basket


Bone type Image Decay time
Skinless Wolf Skinless Wolf.jpg 60 minutes
Skinned Bear Skinned Bear.jpg 60 minutes
Dead Bison Dead Bison.jpg 2 hours
Dead Cow Dead Cow.jpg 10 mins
Dead Domestic Lamb Dead Domestic Lamb.jpg 5 minutes
Dead Piglet Dead Piglet.jpg 5 minutes
Dead Domestic Calf Dead Domestic Calf.jpg 5 minutes
Dead Mouflon Lamb Dead Mouflon Lamb.jpg 5 minutes
Dead Wild Piglet Dead Wild Piglet.jpg 5 minutes
Dead Bison Calf Dead Bison Calf.jpg 5 minutes
Stump with Goose Head Stump with Goose Head.jpg 22 seconds
Dead German Shepherd and other Dogs Dead German Shepherd.jpg 10 minutes
Dead German Shepherd Puppy and other puppies Dead German Shepherd Puppy.jpg 5 minutes
Dead Semi-tame Wolf Dead Semi-tame Wolf.jpg 10 minutes
Dead Wolf Puppy Dead Wolf Puppy.jpg 5 minutes
Snake-Bit Riding Horse Snake-Bit Riding Horse.png 10 minutes
Snake-Bit Horse with Blood Leak Snake-Bit Horse with Blood Leak.png 10 minutes
Snake Roadkill Snake Roadkill.jpg 30 minutes