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Blank Paper
Stack of Blank Paper

Blank Paper is used to make notes by writing on it with a Charcoal Pencil. It can also be used to make Deck of Cards, Loudspeaker, Capacitor, and can be used as filter paper. Blank paper can be stacked.


To craft, first use a knife on a short shaft to get wood shavings. Combine the shavings with a bowl of water, and place the result onto Hot Coals. After 10 seconds, remove the cooked shavings from the coals and hit with a round stone to get Wood Pulp. Place the pulp on a flat rock and hit again with the round stone to spread. Then use another flat rock to get Pressed Wood Pulp. When you remove the flat rock, you will have paper.


To write a note, use a Charcoal Pencil on a blank piece of paper (your character will be holding the pencil and paper). Then type your message into the speech box and press enter. When you put down the note, anyone will be able to pick it up and read the message, which will appear with a : at the beginning to indicate that it is a paper writing being read.

Use a rubber ball to erase writing and return to blank paper.

Other Uses[]

Blank Card Stack

Dirty Filter Paper[]

Dirty Filter Paper

Dirty filter Paper is made after using Blank Paper as a filter. It will decay after 1 minute.

Fun fact, Dirty Filter Paper has the same sprite as Flat Rock with Spread Wood Pulp.