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There are several biomes in One Hour One Life, from green grasslands to barren badlands. Each biome has resources commonly associated with it, though many can be found in multiple biomes. Biomes can vary in temperature. In the Temperature Overhaul update, deserts and jungles became hotter, and a "Thermal Shock" component was added which causes you to rapidly jump between extreme temperatures if you cross certain biome boundaries without the insulation of clothes. It is no longer advised to stand on desert edges to keep warm. Use a fire instead.

Some races (e.g. black-skinned) are specialized for biomes like the desert, making them the only ones to interact with items and features in that biome. Otherwise, these biomes will be marked "Inhospitable" ("Frigid" for Tundras) and characters will drop their held items if they attempt to enter. Thus, technological progress requires trade or a diverse town. At every special biome (jungle, desert and tundra) there are direction stones (which look like square rocks with a hole in the middle) that point the player towards the nearest village with the required type of skin color.


Grasslands generally has wild food, and branches for kindling and tools. Grasslands are cold, but bearable if wearing a full set of clothes.

Yellow Prairies[]

Yellow Prairies are cold, but bearable if wearing a full set of clothes.


A good place for farms, considering the water for plants (CHECK if relevant any more). Swamps are cold, but bearable if wearing a full set of clothes.


Badlands are colder than grasslands, though not as cold as tundra.


Also known as Polar. Bitterly cold. Only accessible to white skinned characters.


Searingly hot. Only accessible to black skinned characters.


Jungle is hot, though not as hot as desert. Only accessible to brown skinned characters.


  • v.170 - Jungle biome added
  • v.200 - Jungles are no longer an ideal temperature and are much hotter. Deserts are much hotter and are no longer suitable for settling. Thermal Shock component added.