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A Bellows is a Tool item. Bellows are a tool used in smithing to craft various tools. Adding Bellows to a kiln will turn it into a forge.



Use a skewer on some clay and take the Wet Clay Nozzle. Use Wooden Tongs to fire it at a Firing Adobe Kiln. Combine Wooden Tongs with an Empty Water Pouch, then combine this with your fired Clay Nozzle.

To make bellows, you will need a Wooden Tongs, Empty Water Pouch, and a Clay Nozzle.

Wooden Tongs[]

Wooden Tongs

Take a Straight Branch and use a sharp stone to get Long Straight Shaft. Now use a flint chip to get wooden tongs. Make sure you have at least one set of tongs left over after making bellows.

Empty Water Pouch[]

Empty Water Pouch

Snare a rabbit (choose a rabbit hole with babies) and skin the dead rabbit with a flint chip, remove the fur.

Cut a skewer from a sapling using a Sharp Stone, and use the skewer on the Skinned Rabbit to get Skewered Rabbit. You will need to cook it on Hot Coals (not fire!), then eat the Cooked Rabbit to get the Rabbit Bones. Pick up the bones to get a single Rabbit Bone, and use a flint chip on the bone to get Bone Needle. Combine the needle with a piece of thread made by combining two Milkweed, and you will have Needle and Thread.

Use a flint chip on the Rabbit Fur to get Four Pieces of Cut Rabbit Fur. Use the needle and thread on the cut rabbit fur, and you will get an Empty Water Pouch. Combine the tongs with the empty water pouch to get Bellows Without Nozzle.

Clay Nozzle[]

Clay Nozzle

Use a skewer on some clay to get Wet Clay Nozzle, fire this using tongs in a Firing Adobe Kiln to get Clay Nozzle. Combine the fired clay nozzle with the bellows without nozzle to get Bellows.