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A Bell Tower is a late-game structure which, when pulled, makes a chime noise and creates an additional home marker which appears at the top of the screen for the whole server, which leads to the bell. It requires several generations to build, so requires an ongoing settlement. A bell tower can be rung once every 20 minutes. If rung before this interval is over, the bell will become stuck and will take 20 minutes from becoming stuck to be able to ring again. It may therefore be a valid strategy to deliberately cause a bell tower to become stuck immediately after ringing, to avoid accidental resetting of the time interval.


A Bell Tower is made with 12 Stone Blocks, a Fence Kit, a Lasso and a Tower Bell. You can place two stones per level every 3 hours until it is high enough to place a fence kit and bell with rope in order to complete it.

Stone Blocks[]

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First dig a Big Hard Rock using a shovel. Then using a chisel and a mallet, break the big rock into two Split Big Rocks. Separate the two sides, and use the chisel and mallet again on each side to create two Stone Blocks.

Fence Kit[]

A fence kit is crafted by placing two long straight shafts together and hitting them with an adze.

Bell and Lasso[]

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To create a gold ingot: Mine a gold vein using a steel mining pick and collect the gold flakes in a bowl. Fire the bowl of gold flakes in a forge using tongs, and remove the ingot from the Bowl with Gold Ingot. Combine two Gold Ingots and hit with a hammer to create a Tower Bell. Combine two ropes to create a lasso, then join the lasso to the bell to create a Tower Bell with Rope.


East-West Wall Stakes.jpgUnstable Bell Tower Base(1).jpgStable Bell Tower Base(1).jpg

Use a round stone on some stakes to get East-West Wall Stakes. Placing two stone blocks will create an unstable bell tower base. After three hours it will become stable (as shown by green moss). You can then place two more blocks and so on until you get a stable tower which is 6 blocks high. At this point, you can add the fence kit and bell, to finish the tower.


  • Added in game update 75.
  • After the tower is completed, it can be rang once every 20 minutes.
  • Players without their own set home markers and within an unknown distance will have a new home marker set to the bell after it was rang.
  • A list of character names who have contributed to a complete Bell Tower can be accessed via a link on the main page of the Official website.

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