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A basket is a storage tool made by combining two Reed Bundles or a straw and a thread, and can be used to carry 3 small items such as stones, tools or food. Baskets can also be used to retrieve charcoal from a kiln, pick up bone piles and some animal bones, and retrieve dirt from Fertile Soil Pit and Composted Soil. Empty baskets can be stacked.

At one time basket would decay into Floppy Baskets, but that is no longer the case.

Basket of Soil[]

Basket of Soil.jpg

A Basket of Soil is made by using an empty basket on a fertile soil pit, composted soil, eaten carrot row or a fertile soil pile. It contains three lots of fertile soil which when dumped on the ground can be further separated using a clay bowl. Baskets of soil can be stored in carts, allowing multiple lots of dirt to be transported at a time. Soil can be returned to a fertile soil pit by using the basket of soil on the pit.

Basket of Charcoal[]

Basket of Charcoal.jpg

Basket of Charcoal is a step in smithing made by using a basket on a forge or kiln containing charcoal, or a pile of charcoal on the ground. It can be dumped on the ground or placed back into a forge, but cannot be returned to a kiln.

It can also be used as fuel for a Newcomen Pump.

Basket of Bones[]

Basket of Bones.jpg

Basket of Bones is the result of using an empty basket on a grave, or certain animal bones. Using the basket of bones on an empty space will empty the bones onto the ground.

The purpose of moving skeletons is usually to free up vital space. It is a common side job to collect skeletons in town and in pens and move them to the edge of the village where they will not get in anyone's way. Basket of bones can be stored in carts, allowing multiple bones to be collected at a time.