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Small Ball of Yarn
Big Ball of Yarn
Huge Ball of Yarn

Ball of Yarn is an ingredient made from fleece which is used to make clothes. Using Knitting Needles on the three sizes of yarn will craft wool clothing; Wool Booty, Wool Hat, Wool Sweater respectively. Huge ball of yarn can also be used on a Loom.


Shear a woolly Domestic Sheep using shears. Then use a drop spindle on the fleece. For each fleece you will get one Ball of Thread. Combining two ball of thread will get the smallest size of yarn.

  • A Small Ball of Yarn (2 fleece) is crafted by combining two Ball of Thread.
  • Combining two Small Balls will craft a Big Ball of Yarn (4 fleece)
  • Combining Big ball and a Small Ball will craft a Huge Ball of Yarn (6 fleece).


Fleece Products:
Using Knitting Needles on yarn will
get different items:
  • It is common practice to leave one woolly sheep (or Domestic Mouflon, or fed lamb) in order to produce more lambs. Shorn sheep will not produce lambs.


  • v.52 - Three sizes of ball of yarn added.
  • v.103 - Ball of Thread added.
  • v.196 - Huge Ball of Yarn can now be added to a Loom.