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Rabbit Fur Products:
Sewing different amounts of Rabbit Fur using
Needle and Thread will get different items:

A Backpack is a wearable storage item crafted by combining 4 rabbit furs with Two Pieces of Cut Rabbit Fur and using the Needle and Thread. The Backpack can hold four items or one clump of Fertile Soil and can be used alongside the Basket since it's on your back and not in your hands.

To quickly retrieve a stored item from your backpack, right-click on the backpack while wearing it. Occasionally, clothing or hair will get in the way of accessing the backpack. It is also possible to access the backpack by clicking on the straps. Right clicking on the backpack will cycle through the items in your backpack.

Be careful when low on food meter, as accidentally placing an item into the backpack instead of eating it can result in starvation.

A backpack will decay over 5 hours into a tattered backpack, which can only hold two items and will disappear after 30 minutes, dropping any items contained.


  • v.20 - Backpack added, and can be used to transport soil.
  • v.79 - Backpack now decays
  • v.207 - Soil-filled Backpack has R-value.