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Adobe WallAdobe Wall (vertical)Adobe Wall (corner)

An Adobe Wall is an impassible structure made by adding two adobe to Marking Stakes. A wall can be horizontal, vertical, or corner walls, which can be chosen when placing the stakes. Adding a Bowl of Plaster to an adobe wall will create a Plaster Wall which does not decay, and can then be painted.

To deconstruct an adobe wall, it requires two Bowls of Water (or a Full Water Pouch) in quick succession followed promptly by a Steel Mining Pick, (which turns it into Adobe Rubble). Unplastered adobe walls will decay automatically over 10 hours, turning cracked, then after a further 30 minutes turning into rubble. Using a steel mining pick at the cracking stage will also destroy the wall into rubble, or it can be fixed at this stage by adding clay.

Partial Adobe Wall

Plaster Wall[]

A Plaster Wall is a structure made by adding a Bowl of Plaster to an adobe wall. Adding a Bucket of Paint will give a Painted Plaster Wall of the same color. The plaster can be removed using a Steel Chisel, or can be reapplied over the top of a painted wall. Plaster walls do not decay, which is an advantage over a regular adobe wall.

Painted Plaster Wall[]

A Painted plaster wall is a structure obtained by adding a Bucket of Paint to a Plaster Wall. The available colours are red, blue and yellow. The only way paint can be removed is by adding a Bowl of Plaster. Plaster walls, and painted walls do not decay - an advantage over plain Adobe Walls.

Adobe Rubble[]

Adobe Rubble is formed by the decay of Adobe Walls, or by destroying any adobe structure such as Ovens and Kilns. It can be removed by adding a Bowl of Water or a Full Water Pouch, which will return one Adobe.